Who you invite to go rafting

Who's going on your river trip?

Rivergear.net has developed the River Trip Planner to provide boaters with a simple proven method for putting a private float trip together. It is our goal to limit the hassle of putting a float trip together. It is important to have one person responsible for maintaining the names and data in the planner and keeping it up to date.


The river trip who are you going to ask?


You are looking for people with rafting/paddling skills combined with equipment like rafts; trucks, trailers and camping equipment like stoves, tables etc. A number of rivers have required equipment like fire pans, toilets, food strainers and extra life jackets so it is helpful to find boaters that already own this gear. It is also extremely important to find boaters with extensive river experience on the river you are going on. They will know what water levels are easiest, and where you are on the river. You also need to pay attention to personalities of the people that are going on your trip. Will they get along or are they going to be a pain. Remember the better job you do on planning the trip, the easier it will be to keep it organized.


If you are going on a permitted river that only allows you to take thirty people. You don't want to ask more people than you have room for. It would be very unpleasant to tell someone they can't go on a river trip after you asked them to go. So keep the number asked to no more than the permit allows.


When you have asked thirty people to go, and a new boater comes up to you and asks, "I hear you have a trip down the Main Salmon, I would like to go." You reply, "I've asked 30 people but I'll be happy to put you on the alternate last. I'll let you know if and when there's space". This allows you to pick and choose additional boaters, resources and dishwashers for the trip, as space becomes available.


Require a deposit and make it large enough to make sure people are sincere about going. You should also have a required date for the deposit. Plan the date at least a month in advance of the trip. Tell people when you ask them if they would like to go you need their deposit in by this date, and if you don't have it. You will ask someone else to go in his or her place.


Directions for using the form:


1) (Use a black font color) Fill out the list with everyone you would like to go on the river trip. List all of their skills and resources, they can bring to a trip.

2) (Use a red font color) When a person has been asked to go on the trip change the font color to red.

3) (Use a green font color) If the persons said, he/she would go on the river trip change the red color to green. If they can't go change the font color back to black or delete the name.

4) (Use a blue font color) When you have asked thirty people to go, use the blue font for alternate boaters changing blue to red or green as space permits


The goal behind the River Trip Planner™ is to make it easily for the trip leader to keep track of all the details. Who's going, who's driving, who's running boats and where do the passengers ride and which boats have cooler and which ones have dry boxes what skills and equipment is needed?




Asking People to go down the river!


Always keep the following in mind! Do they have a boat, experience level, can the take a passenger, can the haul a cooler or dry box. If they don't have any river experience or gear, but they have a truck and trailer. You don't want a big surprise at the put in, try to keep you rafts and experienced boatman or women balanced with the number of passengers be careful not to overload boats.


E-mail you're fellow floaters an updated list of who's going and what gear they need to bring this helps keep everyone organized and limits the number of phone calls you will receive.



The River Trip Planner™ is a work in process. So if you feel, we have miss something please e-mail us with the details to phuebner@rivergear.net

Remember to float safely! Serious injury or even death can result if you are not prepared for all the scenarios associated with whitewater rafting. If you lack river experience take a course in river rafting; don't attempt rivers over your skill levels, when it doubt portage. Be aware that river levels vary and changes can be dangerous. Be aware of unseen dangers and stay away from snags. We assume no liability for the use or ideas expressed in the river trip planner.



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