C. S. Bowden Fly Pack

The C. S. Bowden Fly Pack was developed for two of our favorite passions, fly-fishing and floating. The pack has been under development for four years. We designed a number of unique features. The pack is easily strapped to a raft or float tube, with it twin zippers it is easy to access the bag from the front or back of the boat.

The pack can be worn as a fanny pack on your back for traveling through brush or worn on your back as a fishing pack. It works great on your chest as a stripping basket for fishing in deep water. An additional shoulder strap is included for caring the pack like a creel over your shoulder.


Features of the C. S. Bowden Pack

Two Outside Reel Pockets

Shearing Sunglasses Pocket

Fishing License Pocket

Outside Mesh Tool Pocket

Seven Foam Lined Interior Pockets

Rain Jacket Strapping System


As a serious fisherman, you will note all of the pockets designed for specific items. The C. S. Bowden Fly Pack has an exterior pocket for your leader chipper's. The top of the bag has a shearing lined pocket for lose flies and two tippet pockets. The interior of the pack is lined with foam. The foam provides protection of your expensive gear and also works great at keeping a beverage cold on a hot day. When, you order the pack all of the pockets are labeled so you can store your gear in the right location.

In addition to all of the pockets, the pack has a unique back adjustment that allows the pack to stay around the waist not matter how strenuous the activity. The is accomplished through the use of special foam blocks.

Colors available are gray or custom colors on request.

#8997 Price $ 225.95 each