You're always knocking things off the Table!

Problem:  There just isn't enough room on the Roll-A-Table® while cooking.  Everytime, you turn around, someone is setting something else on the table you are trying to cook on.

Answer:  The Great Escape Works Table Cover and DishRack.

Roll-A-Table Cover and Rack

This cover increase your table space by 90% using pockets. You have drying racks that holds eight full size dinner plates, eight cups and all your silverware.  In addition to all the places to dry out dishware, there is a paper towel dispenser and a rack for drying wet towels. The cover is easy to clean flat surface.  The table is more wind resistant due to the weight of all the dishware.  The Great Escape Works Table and Dish Rack attaches to the standard 32" x 32" Roll-A-Table® in seconds using four elastic straps on the corner of the table.  Table cover material is made of PVC Fabric.  Patent Pending.  Color: Blue and Black Made in United States of America


#2001        $ 67.95