Keeping track of all that stuff

Problem: How do you keep track of all your gear, from packing it at home until you finally get to the river. Who wants to leave their life jacket at home, or for that matter, at the take out?

Answer:  Big gear bags.  Stuff everything you need into the bag at home.  Stuff your wet gear back into the bag at the take out.  This bag must have mesh pannels, so the wet gear can dry. The Great Escape Works makes two, a big one for long trips and another smaller one for short trips.


Boundary Creek Bag 

This bag is designed to hold all your gear so you don't leave anything behind.  You have room for a wetsuit, life jacket, booties, straps, oar locks, bowline bag, flips line bags, and rescue bags, etc.  The Boundary Creek Bag measures 36" long and 20" in diameter.  The bag is made of PVC Mesh and PVC Fabric.  The bag has a drain hole in the bottom and mesh panels to allow wet gear to dry.

Color: Blue/Black 

#1005             $ 95.95