Keeping Your Oars on the Boat!

Problem:  You're happily floating through a rapid and then it happens. Your oar is knocked out of it's oarlock, it fly's through the air and lands with a splash. You watch the oar float off and sinks and there goes $150 bucks. You pull your spare and float successful through the rest of the rapid wishing that you had attached your oar to your boat.

Answer:  The New Oar Safety Strap or Oar Tethers

The New Oar Safety Strap is made of one-inch wide elastic tubular webbing. The webbing is sewn on to a 3" Cargo Ring. The ring is placed on the oar between the shaft and the blade. The other end of the tubular webbing is sewn on a Bull (Panic Snap). The Snap is attached to a 2.5" inch ring. The ring is installed between the frame and the oarlock. If you need to detach you oar you just pull down on the collar of the Bull Snap with one hand. The oar is now free and can be pulled out of the lock.

The Bull Snap is used in rodeos for leading bulls around. The Bull Snap is always ready for instant release of the bull's ring in it's nose.  Color: Blue

#7777        $ 39.95 per pair.