Storage of Pumps

Problem:  You need to take a pump on your rafting trip.  But they are a real pain to tie on your boat.  You always need one handy to inflate a raft on a cool morning.

Answer:  Put the pump in a mesh bag. The Bag is constructed of fifteen-ounce PVC mesh. This material is the same material that is used in the construction of rafts due to its abrasion resistance.


Under the seat Pump Bag 

If you think the double action pump is a pain to tie on your boat, you should try the four or six inch commercial Carlson® Pump with its non-kink hose. The answer is the Under the Seat Bag. The bag measures 34" long and 17" wide complete with zipper. The bag has four D-Rings that allows it to be attached under the seat of a raft or cataraft. The bag can also be strapped to the top of a cargo net. Color: Black PVC Mesh


#1017         $ 40.00


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