Keeping Stuff Frozen Days Longer

Problem:  You have seven glorious days on a river trip and it's hotter than a baker's oven.  You want beverages just as cold on the last day of the trip as they where on the first day.  How do you keep your food frozen and the beverages cold in the cooler?

Answer:  The Cooler Cover and Planning

The Cooler Cover is a must for long trips planned in the heat of the summer.  A friend took two coolers equipped with the Cooler Covers down the Grand Canyon on a twenty-one day trip.  He felt that the Cooler Cover allowed ice to last at least five more days than coolers without the Cooler Cover.

The Cooler Cover is made of 10 oz. white canvas that is lined with a reflective aluminum material.  The top of the cover is equipped with open celled foam. When kept wet, easily done with a Real Boat Bucket the foam and canvas provide cooling by evaporation while the lining reflects the sun's heat and rays away from the cooler. The cooler cover is lockable due to the fact that coolers are tapered so is the cooler cover. Insert the cooler inside the cooler cover zip it closed with both zipper pulls install a luggage lock (not included). You are the only one that can get in the cooler. You also need to plan on keeping your cooler frozen research the world wide web for ideas and tips. 

Color: White-pre-shrunk ten-ounce canvas

Designed to fit a 120, 123, 125-quart Rubbermaid/Gott Cooler
#1002        $ 175.00

Please note cooler covers are made to order, up to one month delay possible.