The Great Escape Works Never Break Rod and Reel Cases are designed to make fishing a joy by saving time and hassle assembling the rod, reel, line and fly. The case allows you instant fishing. We feel special about this product. We developed in the 1980's and everyone under the sun copied it. They have sold thousands of units, but they missed the concept: the shearing lining keeps the hook from attaching to the inside of the case. Their nylon or flannel fabric interior easily hooks the fly on the inside of the case requiring cutting off the fly to remove it from the lining, so much for instant fishing.

Directions for using case: reel in all the line until the fly is hooked on the tip carefully pull the rod apart at the ferrule and folded over and insert in the case and zip closed, to use the case you just reverse the process.

Our cases easily attach your raft or frame with straps and buckles that are incorporated in the case allowing for instant access to your rod and protection from loss. When you get home you can use one of the straps to hang your rod on hanger in the closet keeping it off the floor and protected from damage. The acrylic duck and linings breathe allowing your rod and reel to dry out. A 1/4" diameter fiberglass rod stiffens the case and provides protection of the rod and reel.

For Fly Rods less than 8'6" feet:

#7000 $47.95 price each