Need to Bail Your Boat in a Hurry

Problem:  You have just made it through a huge rapid, but the raft is full of water.  You sure wish you had a real bailing bucket, not the little PVC bucket with a soft rim.  You have to hold it open just to fill it with water.  Now, that's a convent feature in a huge rapid.

Answer:  A collapsible, big bucket, with a stiff rim.  The Real Boat Bucket.


The Real Boat Bucket


Our bucket has a sewn in hard plastic rim and bottom.  It keeps its shape allowing easily bailing and hauling water to camp.  The Real Boat Bucket is made of canvas.  If you have really hot day, fill the bucket with water and place the bucket on top of the Cooler cover or wet towel.  The water will slowly drain out of the bucket and keep the cooler cool through evaporation.  The Real Boat Bucket is big enough to be a wash basin for your head and hair. You can use the bucket like a pack to carry beverages for a hike. Not only have rafters found this bucket helpful, we have sold a number to saltwater sailors.   Material is 10 oz. canvas duck. 3.75 Gallons

Color:  White 

#1014        $ 35.95