Where do you put all this stuff?

Problem: Every boater has faced the same problem: Where to put it all?  There is always too much gear, not to mention that last minute equipment that always shows up just as your ready to shove off.

Answer: The Under the Seat Wet Box.  Makes usable storage space out of wasted space under your seat or as a replacement for a dry box for all the gear that can get wet with this rapid rafting product. The Under Seat Box can also be attached to a thwart in a raft for secure storage.


 Under the Seat Wet Box or Drop Bag/Box for Rafts/Catarafts

This is one of the best and most useful products developed by Rivergear.net.  You will not believe all of the gear you can store in this box.  It will hold up eight cases of pop or beer along with some other items like large pumps or tackle boxes and raft repair kits.  The boxes/bags are made out of fifteen-ounce PVC Mesh Fabric. This material is used to cover dump truck loads due to it duriablity and resistance to sun light.   A YKK® zipper surrounds the top of the box, which always allows instant access to all stowed items.  This is a great alternative to a dry box.  Because this bag hangs under your seat, your raft or cataraft's center of gravity will be lower. You have the ability to raise and lower the box with straps allow the bottom contents to cool in the river or raise it out of the water for rocks and increased boat speed.  (Straps not included.) 

Large Under the Seat Wet Box 14.5" Wide x 11.5" Deep x 48"Long

#1033        $ 112.95

Small Under the Seat Wet Box 14.5" Wide x 10.5" Deep x 38" Long

#1034        $ 96.95

Note:  The Under the Seat Wet Box is designed to fit Canyon Whitewater and Cascade Outfitter's® Cataraft Frames.  A number of raft owners have removed their thwarts from their rafts and replaced it with an Under The Seat Wet Box.  Please call our customer service if you have any questions. The Under the Seat Wet Box can be easily adapted to any frame system.

If you would like to see a Under the Seat Wet Box on a boat.